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Sifu Karl Romain “Champion for Life” is “America’s Life Development Coach” training America to Win at Life.

Sifu (Master) Karl Romain is a World Champion Martial Artist, owner of the Edgewater Kung Fu Academy, and Certified Professional Coach. Sifu Romain is a published author and has appeared on the Dr. Oz and Oprah Show. Romain is no stranger to adversity. He overcame injuries from a serious car accident to accomplish his dream of becoming a world champion by age 22. He has taken the knowledge gained from his experience and created “Champions for Life” seminar. This seminar is designed to motivate and inspire people to live their dreams and win at life despite adversity and challenges.

Deepening his commitment to helping others achieve their goals, Sifu Romain has completed his training as a Certified Professional Coach. As a business consultant, he has worked with many business owners to assist them in achieving personal and professional success. His belief in the “inside out” philosophy of personal development mirrors his experience in martial arts: growth starts from within, and then eventually ripples out to all aspects of a person’s life.

The following is a list of “Champions for Life” coaching packages offered by Sifu Romain.
Call today (201)888-2122 to receive a FREE 40-minute life coaching phone session that gives you a chance to uncover what beliefs are holding you back from winning at life.

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*Packages must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the first session. Payment Plans are available. Sifu’s next “Champions for Life” seminar is on 12/7/13, in Edgewater, NJ.